I was born in the suburbs of Johannesburg, South Africa.

After moving to Flanders, Belgium I finished photography school in '92 at the Antwerp Technicum and went on to the RITS filmschool in Brussels.

During these studies I worked as a waiter and kept on doing so after graduating. Soon I was co-owner of two renowned restaurants but as time passed I didn't feel I had found my true path yet. In 2002 I decided to sell everything and started to travel.

On this journey I realized I wanted to return to my former passion. Once back In Antwerp I opened a photo studio in the illustrious Nationalestraat. 

In the following decade I had the chance to exercise a wide range of photographic specialities. I loved portraits, especially of kids, mostly for their sincerity and the rewarding feedback of their happy families. I also enjoyed event photography because it's always a party. Whether it is a wedding or a corporate event, the locations are great, everything is well thought through and the adrenalin is high. Only one chance to get it right...

Being a technical schooled photographer in the analog tradition, I loved making the switch to digital. My other long time field of interest -computers- merged seamlessly into the photographic workflow. It pulled us out of the polluting and time consuming darkroom to a new range of ever evolving gadgets and technological toys.

I was an early adopter of 360°photography, color management and the use of RAW files. This enabled me to start working for painters who demanded color true images and gave me the know how to tackle more complex technical types of photography such as jewelry or high volume shoots for webshops.

Still, in this technology driven profession, I believe it is all about the people. The one operating the camera, interacting with the (human) subject, trying to surpass the clients expectations.

As a commercial photographer the creative and knowledge based proces has to serve the clients needs.

In 2012 I started to feel my studio was holding me back. The responsibility for this big instrument I had created was weighing me down. It had grown into two studios with two employees in addition to a couple of freelancers. The investments, administration, planning, quality control etc. had made me into a manager.

Downscaling and returning to 'one man, one camera' reconnected me to my passion and clients. It also freed up time to pursue other ventures. In 2013 ImageImproving was born, a company offering image postproduction outsourcing for realtors.

Facing the economic reality I decided to let go of the studio as a public front completely. No longer bound by opening hours I now work wherever required and divide my time between İstanbul and Antwerp.

I hope you enjoy this website, it certainly bundles many joyful memories for me.

As this is a work in progress, I welcome your suggestions. Feel free to drop me a line below.


Stef Devooght.

Dear sir/madam;
Pls find attached the programe of a Documentary Photography event - the 3rd Belgesel Fotograf Gunleri organised by Photography Foundation - Fotograf Vakfi in İstanbul.
All shows and activities are for free , looking fwd to see you in Galata Fotografhanesi/Salt Galata.
Didem Mahsunlar
Fotogfraf Vakfi - Board Member

For further information pls contact

 Fotoğraf Vakfı e-mail info@fotografvakfi.org.tr

 Galata Fotoğrafhanesi tel 0212 243 71 87


 20.May.2016 Exhibition opening -Documents ‘14 ( can be seen till 12 th of June)

 21-22. May.2016

28-29. May.2016

Galata Fotoğrafhanesi Fotoğraf Akademisi / Fotoğraf Vakfı Galerisi

Address:Serdar-ı Ekrem Cad., Hoca Ali Sok., No: 15/A Galata,


Documentary Photography Screenings

(Talks, Panels, Book presentation and talks)

Salt Galata ,2 nd floor

Address:  Bankalar Cad. Sk No:11,Karaköy / İstanbul

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